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STEM Education Apps for Curriculum, Assessment and Instruction

ScienceExperiment.jpg Most classroom teaching responsibilities are associated with developing and implementing a curriculum, assessing student performance, and providing instruction that is both engaging and aligned with standards. Teachers will find that the different resources in this section of offer valuable ideas and strategies for implementing STEM curriculum, instruction, and assessments.

A brief introduction accompanies each set of tools. Some sections address routine teacher tasks, such as designing assessments and building lessons, while others such as completing Content Clarifications and using the Curriculum Framework Crosswalk or Standardized Test Item Finder may be less familiar to teachers. The Unit Builder offers a way to forge a seamless integration of the individual tools found in this section. The Curriculum Integrations tool simplifies the process of making explicit and intentional connections between the grade or course level expectations from different content areas.  The Test Item Analysis and Trade Book Connections offer two unique starting points for developing instructional materials.